6 most important things to do to get your body ready for pregnancy

So you have decided to get pregnant. This can be exciting and as well as overwhelming. Statistics gathered from a scientific research shows that:

38 percent were pregnant after 1 month of trying.

68 percent were pregnant after 3 months of trying.
81 percent were pregnant after 6 months of trying.
92 percent were pregnant after 12 months of trying.

If after a year of trying you not conceive it is recommended you see a fertility doctor.

To get pregnant successfully  it is important you get you body ready for pregnancy this will enable you to get pregnant faster and quicker without guess work.

Here are the important things to do to prepare your body for pregnancy

1. Start taking your Preconception Vitamins:

Pre-Conception Vitamins help to boost fertility. One of the most important vitamins is Folic Acid is very important for a healthy pregnancy this is because it reduces birth defects known as neural tube defects such as spina bifida.  

Your body also needs folic acid when cells are growing and dividing rapidly. It is recommended that you take 400mcg of folic acid before you get pregnant up and until 12 weeks into your pregnancy.

2. Go for Preconception checkup:

To optimise your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby a preconception check is advisable. This ensures you give you baby a good start in life which we all want.

At this check up the medical practitioner will ask a series of questions relating to your medical history, Gynaecological history and obestric history. The medical practitioner may also run some blood test to check for illness.

3. Give up bad habit:

It is recommended to  give up on smoking,drinking and alcohol. This is to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Smoking causes low sperm count in men and women who smoke are more likely to have difficulty conceiving.  

This is advisable to wait 3-4 months after giving up smoking before getting pregnant this will not only ensure that unhealthy gases such as carbon monoxide is cleared away from the body this will also reduce the risk of fertility problems.  

Excessive drinking of alcohol has also been shown to cause fertility problems. Excess alcohol causes infertility in women by causing hormonal imbalances and as well as affecting a woman’s menstruation cycle.

Having 1-5  glasses of wine a week can reduce your chance of getting pregnant  and consuming up to 10 glasses of wine a week can stop ovulation and cause irregular periods making it much more difficult to get pregnant.

In men excessive drinking can reduce Libido and affect testosterone levels. Alcohol also affects the structure and reduces quality of the sperm thereby increasing the risk of having fertility problems.

It is advisable to stop drinking once you have decided to get pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

4. Get to know when you are Ovulating: 

Knowing and timing ovulation is very important to conceiving this is because a woman has a few days  in each cycle in which they can get pregnant. This days are known has the fertile window that is the day in which if a sperm is present in her she could get pregnant. The best way to know what this days are is to do the following:

Get a ovulation Kit predictor: Ovulation kits are one of the accurate ways to pinpoint ovulation

Checking your cervical mucus: The Cervical Mucus is an important fluid for transportation of Sperm. During ovulation Egg white cervical mucus is produced which is thin and stretchy in nature.  It looks very similar to egg white. Before Ovulation this mucus is usually thick and sticky making it difficult for the sperm to travel through to the sperm.

Having Cramps or Pain on one side of your Ovaries: one of the natural ways to know you are Ovulation is to notice you are having sharp pains on one of your side. Most women don’t pay attention to this. But if you pay more attention to your body you can easily use this method to tell when you are ovulating.

Adopt a healthy eating: healthy foodsFor optimum success when trying to conceive it is advisable to make a conscious diet change. Research has found that women who eat breakfast are more likely to get pregnant faster.

To boost fertility with foods ensure your consume green vegetables such as broccoli ,Spinach, Kale. Other Superfoods also include Salmon,Walnuts,  Lentil and Beans, Macaroot.

5. Get to Relax and Destress:  

Research as shown that stress could contribute to fertility problems. You are often advised to relax and just go with the follow but this is easier said than done.  But the truth is Stress can get in the way of getting pregnant in the following ways:  change your cervical mucus, cause hormonal imbalances due to chemicals being released in the brain,Decrease sexual Libido.

Once of the ways to relax is to go on holiday,get a massage, go to the movies with your partner and do more fun stuff.



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