Avocado Potassium PowerHouse Smoothie Recipe

Avocado is very high in Potassium which makes it a perfect fruit to eat or add to your smoothie when trying to conceive a Boy

Smoothies are one of my favourite ways of adding Avocado to my daily diet.

Avocado Power House Smoothie 


1 Whole Avocado

1 cup of Kale Leaves

1/2 Sliced Cucumber

1/2 Cup Organic Berries

1 cup Coconut Water


Pour Coconut Water into the Blender

Add Avocado, Kale,Blueberries,Cucumber

Cover with Lid and Blend until Smooth

Pour into two glasses and serve immediately​

What Makes Avocado Power House Smoothie Perfect for Conceiving A Boy?

  1. Potassium Content:  Avocado,Coconut water, Kale and Cucumber, blueberries all contain Potassium mineral. Potassium is one of the Minerals you should definitely add to your boy diet if you are serious about conceiving a Boy.
  2. Aids Fertility: Diet plays an important role in fertility. Green smoothies have been shown to boost fertility in both men and women. You and your partner can definitely get a lot of benefit by adding green smoothie to you diet like the Avocado PowerHouse Smoothie which contains a lot of minerals and vitamins recommended as a preconception diet

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