4 Best Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

What are the best sex positions to get pregnant?​ is a question couples trying to conceive a baby usually ask.

For couples trying to have a baby, they would do everything possible to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Although babies have been conceived using all types of sex positions.

But if you are having problems getting pregnant your aim is to really maximise your fertility window or ovulation day.

To do this you want to leave no stone untouched including sex styles.

the best Sex Positions To Conceive A Baby​

​Missionary Position:

Also known as man on top position. This is the most common position most people have sex in. 

While the woman lies on her back with her legs opened, ​this position allows her vagina to be tilted towards the cervix.

The tilted vagina helps the sperm to swim easily into the cervix and fallopian tube to reach the egg.​

This is a perfect making baby position and the best position to get pregnant with a baby girl.

You may also place a pillow under the woman for elevation.

Your Legs on his shoulders:

This is a modified missionary position.In which the woman's legs is made to rest on the man's shoulders.

This provides an angle of elevation perfect for getting pregnant.​

Rear Entry:

This position is also known as the doggie style. It allows for deep penetration when compared to the 2 other styles mentioned previously.

This is the perfect position for conceiving a boy because the sperm is deposited as close to the cervix as possible.


Spooning position is both a sexual position and a perfect cuddling technique.

In this position, the woman lies on her side while the man cuddles her from behind while penetrating slowly.​

What should I do After Sex to boost my chances of conceiving?

lie flat on your back:

Lying down after sex is one of the recommendations given to women who are trying to conceive.

This helps to make sure that the sperm doesn't flow back out when you stand up after sex​.

It is recommended you lift your knees up in a 30 degree angle to make sure the sperm flow into the cervix.​

take a nap:

While lying on your back, you can as well take a nap.

This helps to ensure that the sperm has enough time to travel upwards to the egg to fertilize it while you relax.

try not to pee:

Avoiding to use the bathroom after sex does helps the little swimmers in staying longer in a woman's body.

Holding your pee is a great way to allow the sperm stay in your body.​

Are there any sex positions to avoid?​

Pregnancy is possible with any sex positions. But to increase your chances of getting pregnant faster, go for positions that allows the sperm to be deposited as close to the cervix as possible.

what is the best time to get pregnant?

Timing is so important when trying to conceive. 

Have sex on your fertile days (the 5 days before ovulation) but most especially a day to ovulation or on the day of ovulation.

These are your high and peak days to conceive.

Use an ovulation test kit to easily detect your high and peak days.

Recommended books to get pregnant

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2. Taking Charge of Your Fertility

3. The whole 9 months: A week by week pregnancy nutrition guide with recipes for a healthy start

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