4 Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant with a Boy – Greatest Secrets That Work for Getting Pregnant

You're in the right place if you are looking for the best sex positions to conceive a baby boy naturally. We get asked this question all the time.

I want you to know I'm writing this post out of practical experience and not just mere theory.

When couples are trying to conceive a baby boy, they like to have the right information on what exactly they should be doing.

I believe, if you want to get pregnant with a boy you should be asking this question too.

The position of sex you adopt when you want to conceive is one of the 8 factors that can influence the sex of your baby.

It is very important that the mom-to-be takes supplement and vitamins to:

  • Increase the PH of your cervical mucus ( this really favours the conception of a boy)
  • Achieve an egg white cervical mucus (very boy sperm friendly)

Before we dive into the best position and how to get pregnant with a boy naturally; 

Here is an ultimate list of supplements I have put together all in one place for you.

Please note: You are not to take all the supplements in here. If you are looking to increase the PH of your cervical mucus or ​produce more egg white CM. Choose the ones that best meets your needs.

the ultimate list of Boy Swaying Supplements For Mom-To-Be


Amount per Day

When to Take 

Useful Info

Evening Primrose oil


From last day of period to Ovulation

  • Increases cm and ewcm.
  • Space it out by taking 2-3 capsules per day from last day of period until ovulation

Fertile CM

3 times a day 

All the time or from Last day of Period  to confirmed Ovulation

  • Makes ewcm and is alkaline.
  • Increase female testosterone, take 3 a day with 66+ oz of water.
  • Can be taken from period to period or if you want to save money from period to confirmed o



From Period to 3 days before Ovulation

  • Helps thin out cm. May be taken from last day of period until 3 days after ovulation.
  • Take 2 tsp about 3 times per day. Mucinex over-the counter

Alka Selzter Gold

2100 mg sodium bicarbonate (2 tablets in pkg)

  • Raises pH and potassium
  • Do not take more than 3,696 mg per day. (This replaces the bs/cot drink.)

Fish oil

1000 mg

1-3 a day

  • Increases EWCM and alkalinity
  • Not the same as cod liver oil. (Also for Dad; see below.)



Follow directions on the label

  • Increases EWCM, raises testosterone
  • Not to be taken with Fertile-CM as it has it in it already. Contains fake estrogen- could lengthen your cycle

Green Tea


Last day of Period

  • Improves CM and overall fertility
  • Drink 2-3 cups per day starting from last day of your period. Can also be taken in the form of Green Tablets
  • 2-3 tablets per day. Contains fake estrogen; could lengthen your cycle.​

Potassium Supplement


From Period to Ovulation

  • Makes CM more alkaline adds potassium to CM
  • Only a little is absorbed with pills. More is absorbed with diet.
  • Please note: The USRDA advises consuming potassium only through foods and not supplements

False Unicorm


Use as directed on product

  • Increases EWCM and alkalinity
  • also helps to regulate cycle after depo-provera shot.)

Folic Acid

2000 or more mcg

All the time


  • strengthens the egg and prevents miscarriage and birth defects. Needed while on the boy diet



1 a day

Improves the egg.

Repairs any of the egg that may have been damaged and also helps with implantation.

Vitamin B12


Follow directions on the bottle

Balances folic acid

. Folic acid, B-12, and iron interact, and a deficiency in one may be masked by an excess of another. Make sure you get adequate B-12 while you are supplementing with folic acid.

Vitamin E

400 IU

Use as directed on the bottle

Improves the egg

. Strengthens the outer shell of the egg and helps with implantation. Warning: Vitamin E can increase EWCM for some people, which favors a boy conception.

Flaxseed oil


1 per day

Increases CM

Now let's dive into the recommended Positions!.

To make a baby boy, you want the sperm to be deposited as close to the cervix as possible.

The only sex positions that guarantees this, are the deep penetration positions.

In a Shallow penetration position, the sperm is​ deposited far away from the cervix and this are perfect for couples trying to conceive a girl.

So the focus of this post is on deep penetration positions you should use to have a baby boy.

But first let's discuss why this positions and why it is perfect if you want to try for a boy.

The Theory of Deep Penetration position for Conceiving A Boy

According to the shettles method for getting a boy, the sperm consists of two chromosomes: the Y chromosome sperm and the X chromosome sperm.

The Y chromosome is the sperm responsible for the conception of a boy while the X chromosome is the sperm responsible for the conception of a girl.

​Dr Shettles stated that the boy sperm (Y chromosome) swims faster but dies quicker. Also the boy sperm thrives in an alkaline environment.

The Girl sperm thrives in an acidic environment, swims slower and lives longer.

The  PH level of the vagina cervical mucus favours the girl sperm.

Some women's cervical mucus are harmful to the boy sperm ​or even to sperm in general causing infertility.

​In order to increase your chances of having a boy, You want to have sex on the day of ovulation and also deposit the sperm as close to the cervix as possible.

This will make it easier for the male sperm to swim faster upward into the cervix to reach the egg first.

For this sex position to be successful, get an ovulation predictor kit to accurately zero in on ovulation. 

Pinpointing ovulation is the key to having a boy.​

This ovulation predictor kit is so easy to use and read.

It let's you know when you are about to ovulate and gives you a smiley face on the day of ovulation.

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best positions to get pregnant with a boy with pictures

​Here are the recommended positions that works to have your boy:

​1. DoggY Style position for a boy: 

The Doggy style ​involves the man entering the woman from behind. This style is also known as doing it from behind.

It involves the woman ​being on her fours, with the man deep penetrating her from behind.

To maximise your chances of having a male child, the woman should reach an orgasm first so as to make the vaginal environment really conducive for the boy sperm. ​

The key to being successful with this position is for man to release the sperm as close to the cervix as close as possible. Like almost touching the cervix.

Doing this will help make sure the boy sperm has less resistance to overcome when travelling to meet the egg.

Doggy is the most preferred and recommended position.​

To learn more about the other critical factors YOU MUST DO, then read this book that has a high 97.6% success rate.​ 

I personally love the book and recommend it because it breaks down everything you would ever need to have a boy in one place.​

Save yourself the stress of trying to do it on your own. Get the highly valuable book here to have your baby boy.

​2. Do it standing up position to have a boy

This position also allows for deep penetration like the doggie style.

In most situations the woman stands straight against the wall, Lifts one leg up and wraps it gently around the man.

The woman may need to squat a little for the position to be comfortable.​

It is believed that the male sperm, swims better against gravity and that is why they perform better with this position.

This is yet to be proved by any scientific research or studies. So I will advise you try some other sex positions like the doggie style.

​3. The modified missionary position FOR A baby boy

Positions to get a baby

This position is also known as modified missionary style. 

The position is great from deep penetration.

If you are not a fan of the doggie style, this is the next best position to consider when trying.​

In this position the woman lies down flat on her back with her legs placed on the shoulders of her partner.

The man kneels down in front of the woman​ and bends forward to push the woman's legs close to her chest as close as possible.

Just as the other positions, an orgasm by the woman first is recommended.

Also a deep release of sperm as close to the cervix as possible is what you should be aiming for.​

​4. Reverse Cow girl position FOR A BOY

This position has been recommended because of it's deep penetration capabilities.

The man lies down flat on his back with the girl on top. But here is the twist, instead of facing the man, the woman faces the other side.​

Like the other positions described, the woman is expected to have an orgasm first and the sperm deposited close to the cervix.​


1. Have Sex on the day of Ovulation Using a Deep Penetration Style

  • In Conclusion, I highly recommend you have sex on the day of your ovulation for the deep penetration positions to work.
  • I and many women have used the doggy position on the day of ovulation and IT WORKS.​

This is because the male sperm is sure to meet an egg before it dies in the next 12-24hours. ​

Get an Ovulation Test Kit you need one to be able to pinpoint your ovulation date.

2. Woman to have an orgasm first

Other things you want to aim for is the female to have an orgasm first, to increase the PH level of the vagina and produce egg white cervical mucus to favour the male sperm.

All this things increases your chances of conceiving a baby boy naturally.​

I know a lot of women who have conceived a boy by reading this book.

I personally love the book because it breaks down everything you would need answers to when trying for a boy.​

3. Change your diet 

The foods you consume is also very crucial when trying to sway for a boy.

It is recommended you consume foods that are high in potassium and sodium, eat alkaline forming foods. I wrote an awesome post on the list to foods to eat to conceive a baby boy read it here.​

Serious about conceiving a boy?

To learn more about the other critical factors YOU MUST DO, then read this book that has a high success rate.​ Over 59 COUPLES conceived a boy using it last year.

I hope you have learnt a lot about the recommended sexual positions to conceive a boy.

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