Can Implantation Bleeding Be Heavy?

 Implantation bleeding is light spots of blood that lasts for only 1 or 2 days. Women trying to conceive often ask "Can implantation bleeding be heavy and bright red like a period?. Could I be pregnant or is this a sign of a miscarriage?"

In most cases implantation bleeding blood is a light pink discharge or dark brown spots of blood that is light and not as heavy like a normal period.

Only a few women experience light bleeding during implantation. In fact only about 25%-35% do have this scanty discharge. Most women do not experience implantation spots.

What is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation bleeding also known as implantation spotting  occurs around 6 -12 days after conception when the fertilised egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterine walls to grow and develop.

Can Implantation Bleeding Be Heavy?

Implantation bleeding under normal circumstances shouldn't be heavy. It is either a light pink spot of blood or a dark brown discharge. In very rare case, it can be heavy, watery or bright red.

When does Implantation occur?

Implantation can happen as early as 7 days after conception, this is known as early implantation. And it can happen as late as 12 days after conception and this is known as late implantation.

It is on of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. If you are spotting before period, congratulations you may be pregnant.

What Does Implantation Bleeding look Like

Here are pictures and images of what most implantation bleeding look like:

Can YOU HAVE a heavy implantation bleeding with clots of tissue and still be pregnant?

Implantation bleeding is rarely heavy enough to soak a tampon, pad or tissue paper.

If you had early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period and now you have  an heavy bleeding with clots and grey tissues.  This is likely an early miscarriage. 

A miscarriage can happen a few days after implantation. Which is around the same time you are expecting your period.

Miscarriage is common in the first trimester within the first 12 weeks. 

Signs miscarriage are:

The signs of miscarriage are:

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding​
  • Blood clots or grey tissues
  • Lower abdominal cramps
  • Lower back pain

The vaginal bleeding can start as light spotting and then get heavier.

Can implantation Bleeding be bright red

Implantation bleeding color is usually pinkish or brownish. A light pink blood means the blood is fresh and implantation just occurred. 

A dark brown blood means the blood is old and didn't  get out through the cervix and vagina on time when implantation occurred a while ago.​

The longer blood stays ​in the uterus, the brownish or discoloured it gets.

Period blood is bright red in colour and spotting in most cases is light pink.

Heavy Implantation Bleeding Pictures

Here are some images of heavy bleeding:

Heavy Implantation Bleeding Success Stories

Although rare, a few women have had success stories of pregnancy after a heavy bleeding.

A lady in particular said she had heavy bleeding for 3 days and got a positive pregnancy test.

A few women also get their period while pregnant in the first trimester.

The best way to confirm if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Does Heavy Implantation Bleeding mean twins

It is often said that implantation bleeding is common in twin pregnancy. But more spotting than normal could also be a sign of miscarriage.

Spotting or bleeding during pregnancy should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Can Implantation Bleeding be mistaken for a period

Implantation bleeding is not like your normal menstrual period. The flow, color, amount, timing, duration are different.

Here are the main difference between Implantation bleeding and Period:


Implantation bleeding is usually light pink or dark brown while period blood is bright red in color. Although on brown or black period blood is common on the first day or at the beginning of period.


Implantation spotting is a scanty discharge. It is light throughout the duration.  Menstrual period flow is light on the first day and it gets heavy on the second and third day. It becomes light again on the last day.


Implantation bleeding can start as early as a week before period. Many women think it is their period starting when the see stains of blood after wiping after themselves.


Implantation bleed usually last for a few hours or can last for 1 or 2 days. Where as menstruation usually last for 3-7 days.

Heavy Period for two days then spotting...What Does it mean

There are many reason why you may experience heavy bleeding for 1-2 days and then spotting.

This could happen if you uterus lining is not thick enough or you may even be pregnant.

Other causes are short period or hormonal imbalances.​

Did anyone have heavy implantation bleeding and still got pregnant?


  • Sheena Dawn Yañez

    My experience is still a lil bit confusing. Its already 3days my period is delayed. On this 3rd day, i see light red on my underwear. After reading what is implantation bleeding means, i was delighted. Maybe it is what it is. Can I have this tested after the bleeding disappear? Will it detect too?

  • Hi I am deaf, I want know why I still pregnant with blood cloth a bit heavy as please you tell me information please

  • Desheya

    So I’m having a pastel pink like blood with little clear stretchy like discharge. 5 days before my period is due to start… I’m supposed to start on the 12th. Could this be implantation bleeding?

  • Lauren Cramp


    My period is due on Wednesday(12/09) it is always regular, same time every month. But yesterday and today i have had light spotting. Yesterday was darkish browny colour in my underwear and today when I wiped was a light pink. I put a pad on as i thought I may be getting my period early and the darkish brown colour is now on that but only a little and that is all I’ve had in a few hours. I have slight cramping now and did yesterday. I did miss 2 pills in a row 2 weeks ago which I haven’t done since having my son over 12 months ago. Plus skipped another pill 2 days ago. Have just started taking the sugar pills today. Does this sound like implantation bleeding or is my body just reacting to skipping the 3 pills this cycle? I already have 2 children and have never had it before.

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