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Chances of Having Twins? What You need to Know

While growing up or as an adult you might have admired twins for so long that you can't wait to have yours.

So you really want to know what your chances of having twins are or how to increase your chances of having Twins.​

I am glad to tell you that having twins is dependent on some natural factors but you can also influence and increase your chances of giving birth to twins.

First let's find out what your odds of having twins really are?

Factors that Increases Your Chances of Having Twins

You Are Over 35 Years Of Age

Your chances of having twins increases with age. The older you are the more likely you are to have twins.

A research conducted recently showed that older women above the age of 35 have a higher rate of producing multiple follicle​.

A total of 507 women ​were examined, 105 of the women produced two or more follicles and 402 never produced multiple follicle.

The average age of the 105 women who ​produced multiple follicle was 36 years.

This examination showed that your chances of conceiving twins increase ​with the maternal age.

Fertility Drugs

Women undergoing fertility treatment are more likely to conceive twins or multiples.

Fertility drugs like Clomid, Femera, Gonadotropins works by causing one or more eggs to be released during ovulation.

If you are currently on fertility pills you have the probability of releasing one or more eggs which would also increase your chancing of having twins.​

 Over Weight

Researchers have found that overweight women have a higher chance of having fraternal twins.

Fraternal twins are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilised by ​two different sperm.

Being Overweight before pregnancy, increases your chances of having fraternal twins but not identical twins.

Identical Twins are conceived when a fertilised egg divides into two.​

Tall Women are More Likely To have Twins

A study consisting of women who had twins showed that taller women are more likely to have Twins.

The study was conducted by a researcher who focused on multiple pregnancies. He found out that Tall women more insulin like growth factor.

This insulin growth factor increase the number of eggs to be produced during ovulation.

Having more than one egg produced at ovulation increases your chances of twin birth.

Family History​

Family History does play a role in having non-identical twins also known as fraternal twins.

Fraternal Twins happen when a woman's ovaries releases more than one egg.

Normally each month one is released by either the left or right ovary.

But in the case where both the left and right ovary releases an egg each, this is called Hyperovulation.

Hyper Ovulation is here​ditary or genetic. If your mum had non-identical kids, there is a probability for you also to hyper-ovulate and conceive twins.

Identical twins on the other hand is not hereditary because science is still trying to find out what makes a fertilised egg split into two. 

Eating Wild Yams

If you are a regular eater of wild yams or cassava, then you are more likely to have twins.

A study on a tribe in Nigeria​ called Yoruba showed that Yoruba people have the highest rate of twins in the world.

This was linked to the fact that the Yorubas eat Yam and Cassava a lot. Wild Yam contains chemicals which is believed  to stimulate the ovaries into producing more than one egg.

Eating Yam and Cassava increase the rate of multiple birth.​

You are African

A study showed that African's have the highest twinning rate with over 18 twins to 1000 births.

Asians and Latin American ​have the lowest twinning rate in the world with less than 8 twins to a 1000 births. 

You Already Have Children

If you already have kids and gone through previous pregnancies, you are more likely to have twins than a first time mother.

What are the Chances of Having Fraternal Twins?

According to Sciencemag, Researchers have found that having Fraternal Twins is in your genes.

​So if you come from a family with Fraternal twins you are likely to give birth to a fraternal twins also.

A Study was done on 2000 women, and scientist found two genes that increases a woman's chances of having Twins.

​The First gene found is called FSHB, which is involved in the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone.

FSH is the hormone that stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs.

If the FSH hormonal level is high it stimulated the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

So if FSH gene is present in your gene or in your family. Then there is a possibility you could have fraternal twins.​

What Are The Chances of Having Identical Twins

Science is still yet to know what causes identical twins. Identical twins happen when one egg is fertilised. The fertilised egg then divides into two.

This makes identical twins to have the same genes and they are always of the same sex. so either boy boy or girl girl.

Because no one knows exactly what causes identical twins, all women have equal chances of having identical twins.

The chances of having identical twins is 1 in 250 births according to the NHS.

What are the Chances of Having Twins After 30

The older you are the more likely you are to have twins.

Interestingly having twins is common with women over the age of 35.

Studies have found out that one of the reason why women over 30 have a higher likelihood of conceiving twins is because as women grow older the follicle stimulating hormonal level fluctuates.

When this hormone fluctuates to high it causes the ovaries to release multiple eggs. 

Another contributing factor is women over 30 are more likely to take fertility drugs or be on fertility treatments when trying to conceive this increase the chances of having multiple births.

What are the Odds Of Having Triplets

You are more likely to have triplets if you are on fertility drugs or undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF.

What are the Chances of Having Twins If It Runs In the Family

Non-identical Twins(Fraternal Twins) runs in the family through genes. 

Twinning can run in the family through hyper ovulation. For example if you mother is a twin and she has the gene that causes hyperovulation.

If the gene was passed to you. You are have a high probability of having Twins.

Chances of Having Twins Twice?

​If you previously had fraternal twins without fertility drugs or treatment then you have a high chance of having fraternal twins again.

This is because you are likely to produce multiple eggs again(hyper ovulation).​

So your chances of having twins again are higher if you continue to hyper-ovulate naturally.​

Does IVF Increases Chances Of Having Twins

IVF does increases your chances of having twins or multiple births.

During IVF, one or more embryo's are transferred back into the mother. ​

IVF leads to the chances of one embryo splitting into two causing identical twins but Fraternal twinning is most common in IVF because of the  ​multiple embryo's transferred.

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