Best Time to Conceive a Boy -3 Must Do’s

I decided to write this article to help people who don’t know what the best time to conceive a boy is.

 I would recommend you start preparing yourself for conception atleast 3-6 months prior to when you want to get pregnant with a Boy.

This is simply because you will need to able to pinpoint your ovulation date accurately, choose the most favourable season to conceive a boy in and also the best moon phase that favours a boy conception​.

Here is what I mean: If you’re planning to conceive a boy in December, start doing all the necessary things we are going to talk about in this article at least late August/Early September depending on when in December you plan to conceive.

Just like any goal or dream you want to achieve you have gotta plan for it.

I don’t want you to just have sex and hope it’s be a Boy!!!. 

I want you to make intentional efforts and plan towards conceiving a boy. By all means get all the required information and work towards it.

what is the best time to have sex to conceive a boy

The best time to have a boy is on your ovulation day. 

Have Sex once on the day of ovulation to conceive a boy or up to a day after ovulation​.

If you have sex too early in your fertile window you might conceive a girl.​

The Dad-to-be should avoid ejaculation up to 4-5 days before the your ovulation date.

This is to ensure that the concentration, quality and quantity of his semens are the best during ovulation.​

​One of the questions I often get is " pls how do I calculate ovulation day to conceive a boy".

​Because your ovulation day is so important I am going to teach you here and as well as give you the 3 things you need to have for a successful conception.


Basically I’m going to be talking about the 3 must have tools you’ll need to conceive a Boy intentionally. So my Friend let’s get started:


To accurately pinpoint your ovulation date, you need to get an ovulation kit. I can't emphasize this enough.

What are Ovulation Predictor Kits?

Ovulation Predictor Kits are devices that will helps you to identify your fertile window including your ovulation day.

Every woman has got a window in her monthly cycle that pregnancy can occur.

So for example, I am going to use  a woman called Janet.

Janet has a 28 day cycle.

She can only get pregnant on  5 days (her fertile days) in her 28 day cycle.

So let’s examine Janet's cycle further:

The First day of Janet’s cycle is always known as the first day of her period.

Janet Ovulates on Day 16.

This is contrary to the believe that every woman ovulates right in the middle of her cycle "day 14"  (throw that belief into the Bin right now!!!.).

So what is Janet Fertile Window if she wants to get Pregnant?.

Ovulation Calculation

So you can imagine Jane having sex on day 10 or on day 21.... What a complete waste of time if she was trying to Conceive at all.

And if Jane decided to have sex on her Day 11 or 12, there is high probability to conceive a girl. 

This is where my Friend Ovulation Test Kits and ovulation calendars come in helpful.

This helpful Kits are so important.

It helps us women, to find out our most fertile days.

Because If you ovulated on the day 16 last month that doesn’t mean you will always ovulate on day 16 this month!!!.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is the most important tool you need if you really want a boy.

“How does Ovulation Test Kit know my fertile Days you ask”

These Kits have been designed to pick up your key fertility hormone levels from your Urine.

Ovulation test for baby boy

I used this one to conceive my boy and other women I have recommended it to, can testify on how easy it is to use and read.( It is Digital).

What I like most about it is:

  • It's easy to use and easy to read,​ as it shows you a smiley face on the day of ovulation.
  • It's the only ovulation test kit that tests for 2 fertility hormones to accurately determine your high and peak fertility date(ovulation day).

The Ovulation test kit works by looking for an increase or surge in the Luteinsing hormone and estrogen in your urine (preferably first urine on the morning or after holding your urine for 4 hours).

Luteinsing hormone is the hormone responsible for the release of an egg from the ovary, so a sharp increase of this hormone indicates:

1)Ovulation is near

2) You are in your fertile window.

The best way to check for a rise in this hormone is buy using an ovulation kit. See the recommended one here.

STEPS to accurately use Ovulation Prediction Kit to Conceive a Boy?

Take the following steps to predict ovulation when trying to conceive a boy.

Step #1: Start testing for ovulation at least 5 days from your predicted ovulated date. Use an ovulation calendar to find out the guesstimate of your expected ovulation date. So for example, if your ovulation predicted date is Friday this week, start testing for ovulation from Monday this week.

Step #2: Collect your Urine (specimen) in a Cup or bowl. Remove the cap or seal of the Ovulation Predictor Kit and point downwards into the cup or bowl of Urine.

Most Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit will show a smiley face if you’re ovulating but please feel free to follow the instructions on the ovulation prediction Kit you’re using.

That means read the instructions. I never use anything without reading the instructions that came with the Pack.

With most Ovulation Predictor Kit, It is best to test first thing in the morning or in the evening after holding your urine for 4 hrs or so.

Step #3: If ovulation has been detected from the result of your ovulation predictor kit. Then have Sex right at ovulation to conceive a boy within 12 -24 hrs after you got the smiley face.

2. The Book: How To Conceive a Boy 

Get the book that has helped over 59 couples including me to conceive a boy.

This No-nonsense Guide to conceiving a boy teaches you exactly the steps you should be taking right now to conceive your Boy.

Don't leave it to chances.

Over 59 couples have proved it works including me.

To learn more about the other critical factors, then read this book that also has a high success rate.​ 

The Book will teach you:

    • The special 24-hour window in your ovulation cycle that makes conceiving a boy highly likely. (Page 22)
    • Electric foods that carry a small but natural charge that helps male sperm win the race to the egg. (Pages 11-12)
    • Why your vagina kills sperm, and how to use it to your advantage. (Page 6)
    • Little known secrets of the ovulation cycle - master your cycle, time your conception and you may control your baby's gender! (Page 21)
    • The 3 ways medical science shows you can influence your baby's gender. (Page 9)
    • The 2 common sexual positions that put the man in control ironically make conceiving a boy more likely! (Page 16)

You would also learn what food to eat and what food to avoid and so much more.

I have not come across one person who has failed to conceive a boy using the steps described in this book.

3. Gender Swaying supplements

Even though I plan to talk about Supplements that Sway for Boy.

I’m going to first talk about Preconception multivitamin because a healthy baby starts before conception.

So if you’re planning to conceive I would advice you take preconception multivitamin from 3 to 4 months prior to the day you plan to conceive.

Preconception vitamins such as Pregnacare is highly recommended. Women rave about how good Pregnacare sways for boy.

So now back to the specific Gender swaying supplement.

Here are the supplements you need to take if you want to successfully conceive a Boy.

I have listed them out for Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be​

​Recommended Boy Swaying Supplements for Mom-to-be

These are the supplements with the right ingredients I have collated together for mom to be. 

Evening Primrose Oil

Guaifenesin tablets

Fish Oil



Green Tea

Potassium Supplement

Pre-Natal Supplements

False Unicorn

​Recommended Boy Swaying Supplements for Dad-to-be

These are the supplements with the right ingredients I have collated together for Dad to be. 


Vitamin B-12

Fish Oil



Vitamin E

Pre-Natal Multivitamin

Hopefully you have learnt a lot on how to conceive a boy using those 3 items listed above.

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