How To Get Pregnant Fast





  • Be an African/American descendant
  • Consume more yams and cassava
  • Take a Cassava Supplement

Gender selection is a hot topic now a days. And many have been successful to choose the gender of their baby using the shettles method.

The shettles method basically states that a the X and Y chromosomes in a man's sperm is responsible for the gender of the baby.

There are two types of sperm produced: The Y chromosome carrying sperm and the X chromosome carrying sperm.​

A woman's egg has the X chromosome only.

If a Y sperm fertilises the egg, a boy is conceived and if an X sperm fertilises the egg first a girl is conceived.​

DR Shettles then discovered that both sperm behave differently.

The Y sperm or male sperm is faster but dies quicker because of it's weakness.

The X sperm swims slower but lives longer because it is stronger.

He then proposed that that to conceive a boy, have intercourse on the day of ovulation​.

And to conceive a baby girl. Have intercourse 3-5 days before ovulation.​

It may be more challenging to predict ovulation if your menstrual cycle is not regular.

But it is still very possible to have a baby even though your suffer from an irregular period.

Knowing why your period is irregular is a great place to start.

PCOS, IUD, Contraceptive pills, lifestyle ,problems with thyroid and other female gynaecological conditions can cause irregular menstrual cycle.​

Do the following to have a baby if your period is not regular:

  • Learn different ways of predicting ovulation and get an ovulation predictor kit
  • Have Sex frequently
  • Get fertility drugs from the Doctor if you are not ovulating regularly.

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