How to get pregnant with Twin Boys

How To Get Pregnant With Twin Boys Faster

People wonder is it possible to get pregnant with twins naturally, let alone choose the sex of your baby?

​If you don't intend to go for an IVF with gender selection then you should be aware of the two must important factors that will enable you give birth to twin boys:

  1. Hyperovulate - Release more than one egg during ovulation​.
  2. Have Sex on your Day of Ovulation.

To conceive twin boys it is important you try to increase your chances of having twins and then after wards you can sway for a Boy.

So let's discuss the factors that can make you release multiple eggs in a month so you can start swaying for twins.

How to get Pregnant with Twin Boys Naturally

These are the things you should do to get pregnant with twins boys naturally:

Take Folic Acid Supplement

Over the Counter Fertility Drugs

Folic acid helps to do two things: it helps to sway for Boy and it also helps to increase your chances of having Twins.

According to researchers, women who take folic acid before getting pregnant are more likely to have boys and are more likely to have Twins.

According to Sweden scientist there is a link between women who take folic acid and multiple births.​

But more study is being carried out to establish this fact.​

If you are trying to conceive twin boys, take 400mg to 1000mg dosage of folic acid supplement.

According to study, you body has a way of getting rid of unwanted folic acid.

You can also get folic acid from food such as Broccoli, ​Spinach, Lettuce e.t.c

Add Yam and Cassava to your diet

Yam to conceive Twin Boys

Yam and cassava helps to sway for twins. A lot of research has gone into why a certain tribe that consume yam alot conceive twins. 

It was discovered that yam and cassava contains chemicals that helps a woman to release multiple eggs.

Add Sweet Potatoes to Your Diet​

how-to-have-a-boy-potassium-rich-foods Baked Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes is very rich in Potassium. Potassium rich foods helps in conceiving boys naturally.

So to have twin boys I would recommend you have add potassium rich foods to your diet like sweet potatoes.​

Be on Fertility Drug or Pills

Any fertility drugs that helps solve ovulation problems have the tendencies of making a woman release more than one egg in a cycle.

Releasing more than one egg is really important if you want to have twins.

Twins conceived from multiple eggs are called fraternal twins or non-identical twins.

Fraternal twins are more common than identical twins because it is much easier to have fraternal twins than identical twins.

Identical twins can't be swayed for or be heredity.

Fraternal twins can be passed down to you from your maternal genes.​

Fertility drugs such as clomid helps increase your chances of hyper ovulation.

You should also be aware that some fertility drugs can also lead to triplets.

Have Sex on Your Ovulation Day

To conceive twin boys you want to make sure you time your ovulation. 

If you have sex too early before your ovulation you are likely to conceive a girl.

It is widely known among boy swayers that having sex on the day of ovulation is a key factor to conceiving a baby boy.

​From 3-6 months to when you want to ttc twins starts getting familiar with the day you ovulate.

Use a ovulation predictor Kit​ to pinpoint your ovulation.

There are also other​ signs that you should look out for during ovulation.

These signs varies from women to women, so you need to look out for your own:

1. One side cramping during Ovulation

2. Slippery Cervical Mucus during Ovulation

3. Increased Sexual desire during ovulation

These are just some of the signs of ovulation to look out for to conceive your twin baby boys.​

Best Sex Position To Conceive Twin Boys

Best Sex Position to conceive Twin Boys

Just like you are trying to conceive a boy.  Deep penetration sex position are the most recommended. Because it allows the sperm to be deposited as close to the woman cervix as much as possible.

This give the Boy Sperm (Y sperm) a better chance of reaching the egg first. The Boy Sperm swims faster than the Girl Sperm (X Sperm).

Therefore the best sex positions that increases your chances of having boys are:

  • Doggy Style​ (preferable)
  • Missionary style

These are the thing you should start doing 3-6 months before trying to get pregnant with twin boys.

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