How To Have A Baby – Top Tips


Here are the events that must happen step by step:



Right timing of sex is most important than position.

Although no position is guaranteed to get you pregnant. Some positions may help to facilitate the process or make it easier.

1. The Rear Entry Position

The rear entry position is one of the best positions for getting pregnant.

It helps the sperm to be deposited as close to the cervix as possible. Many times the sperm do not make it into the cervix and die away in the acidic environment of vagina.

By the man depositing the sperm very close to the cervix as possible, it helps the sperm to swim easily to meet the egg.

2. Missionary Position

The missionary position is the second best position to conceive. Although a shallow penetration, but it helps especially if a woman continues to lie down on her back or on a pillow after intercourse.

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