How to have a Boy eating Potassium Rich Foods

What To Eat To Have A Boy – Recommended Alkaline Diet to have a Boy

Many People are trying to find out how to have a boy through eating the right foods. Well they are right!

Do you Know that the food you eat before conception or when trying to get pregnant has a dramatic effect on the gender you conceive (boy or girl).

Eating Potassium Rich Foods is one secret will help you to increase the chances of getting pregnant with a boy and here is why: The Y Sperm or the sperm responsible for conceiving a boy loves potassium rich environment.

Aside from trying to conceive a boy, a deficiency of potassium can be linked to infertility, as well as general weakness and feeling unwell.

A Diet high in Potassium helps to prevent hypertension,heart disease, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome and Strokes.

Foods High in Potassium should be included in your Prenatal or Preconception Diet​ if trying to conceive a Boy.

What are Potassium Rich Foods?

Potassium Rich foods are Foods that have a high amount of potassium content in them when consumed. These Foods have at least 400mg and above content of Potassium in them per serving.

So if you are really serious about conceiving a Boy or you are reading this to find out how to have a boy then here are the Top List of Foods ​that have high Potassium Content you would want to include in your Boy Diet from 6-8 weeks before you try to conceive a Boy.

1. Eat Baked Potato with Skin to Have a Baby Boy

how-to-have-a-boy-potassium-rich-foods Baked Potatoes

1 Medium Baked Potato with Skin contains 925mg of Potassium which is about 26% of your recommended daily value of Potassium.

Remember eating the Skin of the baked Potato contains lots of dietary Fibre and Nutrients which is also highly recommended when trying to conceive a boy.

2. Eat Avocado Regularly to Conceive A Boy


Avocado is a very tasty vegetable that is high in potassium. Which makes it an important food to eat when trying to have a boy naturally. one Avocado contains 800mg of potassium. Avocado contains 3 X more potassium than Bananas.

Most People believe Banana is the highest Potassium Rich Foods. But Avocado is actually one of the richest Foods in Potassium.​

3 ways you can consume Avocado to conceive a Boy

3. Add Spinach to your Diet To Conceive A Boy


Spinach is a dark leafy Vegetable which contains a high source of potassium which is perfect for boosting fertility and conceiving a Boy. 

If you here trying to learn how to have a Boy naturally then I would highly recommend including Spinach in your every day diet.

Spinach is also rich in iron and Folic Acid and Zinc which is highly recommended for couples trying to conceive or get pregnant.​

3 ways you can eat Spinach to conceive a Boy

  • Salads: Spinach especially baby spinach is often present in most salads. It is usually mixed with other veggies and boiled eggs.If you want to have a baby boy then I highly recommend indulging in this super healthy food every other day for about 6-8 weeks when trying to conceive a boy or get pregnant with a baby boy. This will definitely help increase your potassium intake daily while also eating a healthy fertility diet.
  • Smoothies: One of my favourite ways of eating Spinach is by adding Spinach to my Smoothies.
  • Spinach is one of the popular vegetables that can be found in smoothies because of its powerful nutrient combinations.

    You can also combine Spinach with Banana, Pineapple, Apple, Avocado, Berries, Cucumber, Pear, Kiwi.

The Combination of Spinach and Fruits are Limitless

But to have a baby boy, Combine Spinach with Fruits that are High in Potassium such as Banana, Orange, Kiwi. Add Kale as an alternative to Spinach once in a while.

  • Slightly Boil: Spinach is a very tender leafy green so you only need to cook it for one minute to retain its health nutrients and benefits. You can eat your boiled spinach with rice,pasta and potatoes or even spinach mixed with a delicious tomato sauce. 

4. Drink Coconut Water Daily to increase your chances of Having a Boy


Coconut Water is the liquid found inside coconuts. Coconut is highly nutritious in vitamins and minerals. Coconut Water has been used by many women to boost and improve fertility. The main Mineral in coconut water is Potassium.

Just as coconut oil has many health benefits and nutrients, Coconut water also has many nutrients and vitamins that is usually recommended for pregnant women and women trying to conceive.

1 Cup of Coconut water contains 600mg of potassium which is 22% of your recommended daily Value. Due to the high potassium content coconut water is one of the foods to add to your Boy diet.

How can I add Coconut water to My diet You ask?

​3 Ways to Add Coconut Water to you diet when Trying for a Baby Boy

  • By Drinking: Coconut water is highly hydrating and it is very great for digestion.

When looking for the best and healthiest coconut water to drink, I strongly recommend going for Organic and Raw Coconut Water as opposed to the processed ones sold in the supermarkets.

My favourite Brands are : Harvest Bay (organic)Harmless Harvest (organic), Juice Press (Organic), Exotic Superfoods(organic), ​Liquitera (organic), Vital Juice (organic), Unoco (Wild Coconut), Suja (Organic)

  • Add to Smoothies: Coconut water can be a very good water base for your smoothies instead of Yogurt or milk.

5. Add Banana to Your Diet To Increase Your Chances of Having A Boy

How to have a boy - Potassium rich Foods Banana Smoothie

Banana is one of the Super foods recommended to improve fertility. Bananas are great source of healthy vitamins and minerals. 

1 large banana contains 422mg of Potassium.

3 Ways to Add Banana to your Diet to conceive a Boy​

  • Add Banana to your Breakfast cereal and Oatmeal
  • Snack on Banana: Ditch the cakes and chocolates and start snacking on Banana to increase your chances of having a Baby Boy
  • Smoothies: Add Banana to your smoothie to give your smoothie a better taste if you are not currently doing so. Here is one of my Favourite Banana smoothie receipes

6. Drink A Glass of Orange Juice Daily to Have a Boy


I know this is not really a good idea for people trying to lose weight and I get it also. Nobody wants to add weight by drinking their calories. You can opt for oranges or 100% orange juice instead of the ones with added Sugar.

1 Cup of orange Juice contains about 496mg of Potassium.

3 Ways to Add Orange Juice To Your Diet To Have Boy​

  • By Drinking : You can have a cup of orange juice every other day if you are conscious about your weight gain. Don't forget to go for 100% orange juice because they don't contain added or artificial sugar.
  • Smoothies:  Add orange juice as the liquid ingredient to your juice instead of water or Yogurt.

7. Add Tomato Juice and Tomato sauce to your Boy Diet to Conceive A Boy


Tomato Juice and Tomato Sauce contains a higher potassium content than when eating tomato on its own.

Tomato is a great​ source of Vitamin C and Folic Acid. 1/2 a Cup of Tomato Juice contains 275mg of Potassium. 1/2 Cup of Tomato Sauce Contains 453mg of Potassium.

Do make sure you add Tomato Sauce and Juice to your diet if you are trying to conceive a Boy. Here is how to add Tomato to your diet easily:

Drinking: Drink Tomato Juice regularly.

Soup: You can have Tomato as a Soup.

Tomato Slices​: Eat Tomato Slices when you feel like snacking

Salad:  Tomato is a great addition to salad. Add Some cherry Tomatoes to your Salad

Cooking: Add Tomato to your Pasta dishes

That's it folks on how to have a boy by eating potassium rich food. 

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