Implantation Cramps Or PMS Cramps



Lower abdominal cramps about 8 to 10 days after ovulation is one of the earliest symptoms that pregnancy has occurred.

The pain is very mild and not disturbing. You may still be pregnant even though you do not feel any pain.

As soon as conception occurs, the levels of your hormone rapidly increases. The estrogen and progesterone hormones are the two main sex hormones that controls the menstrual cycle.

Due to the high level of estrogen hormone after fertilisation has taken place, you breast may start to feel sore and tender or even fuller.

Your nipples will also start to feel really tender to touch.

Tiredness and fatigue is also another very early pregnancy symptom.

Fatigue in early pregnancy can be linked to increase level of progesterone.​

Also you body is really working hard to supply your growing baby with blood and oxygen. This hard work can in turn take a toll on your body.​

You may feel like taking a nap, you should take one. But if you are driving or at work this may be more difficult to do.

Feeling exhausted is common during pregnancy especially in the first and third trimester.

Nausea and vomiting also known as morning sickness is another common symptom during pregnancy.

Although, you can feel nauseated or sick at any time of the day. DOn't be fooled by the term morning.

Infact it should be called morning and night sickness.​

Doctor are still yet to find out the main cause of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy but they suspect it is caused by changes in pregnancy hormones.

It is not uncommon to feel bloated and gassy in the early stages of pregnancy.

What researchers and doctors have found is that an increasing level of progesterone hormone relaxes the muscles in the digestive system and even through out your body.

This in turn slows down how your food is digested.​

After having a meal, you can discover that you are not only gassy or bloated but you are also burping and uncomfortable.

This is why it is advisable for pregnant women to consume more of foods that are high in fibre such as dark leafy vegetables and fruits.

Newly pregnant women may either feel constipated or get a diarrhoea. This is basically caused by the various changes going on in your body. Including the raising level of hormones.

Hormonal changes can cause your digesting system to act slowly which leads to either constipation or diarrhea.

Headache is another common symptoms of pregnancy or PMS.

As soon as you fall pregnant, you body starts to go throw a lot of changes.

Both your hormone and blood levels are increasing at the same time. Having these two things happening at the same time can lead to regular headaches.

Lack of sleep or stress can also cause you to have frequent headaches.

It's not only in the lower abdomen that you feel pain when you get pregnant. For some women they also experience pain in their backs.

Lower back pain in early pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes and your uterus expanding to accommodate your growing baby.

Hormonal changes in pregnancy looses joints and ligaments. You may also start to feel a bit of hip pains.

Implantation spotting occurs when the embryo attaches itself to the walls of the uterus.

But here is the thing, only a few women notice spots of blood on their panties.

So don't be too concerned if you notice cramps with no spots of blood, you may still be pregnant.​

Your basal body temperature is the temperature of your body when you wake up in the morning.

Your BBT stays elevated once you become pregnant. If you have been charting your body temperature through out your menstrual cycle, it will be easier to detect when it stays elevated longer than usual.​

The surroundings of your nipples will appear darker than usual once you have conceived.

The increasing hormonal changes going on in your body is responsible for this, especially the estrogen hormone.​

Your areola will also starts increasing in diameter and a tingling sensation will be felt in your nipples from time to time.

Your skin in general will continue to darken throughout pregnancy.

An increasing level of milky white vaginal discharge just a few day before your period is also a sign of pregnancy.

This excessive white discharge is known as leucorrhea.​ Leucorrhea will be a continuous occurrence throughout your pregnancy period.

Hormonal changes play a major role in how your vaginal discharge looks and feel through out pregnancy.

One of the main causes of mood swings in pregnancy is changing hormone levels.

As your hormone changes in your menstrual cycle, you may have noticed that it affects your moods.

Sometimes you feel happy and sometimes you feel like crying. Don't worry you're not alone on this. ​

Stress, lack of sleep and constant worries about your pregnancy also contributes to changes in mood.

Visiting the toilet more than usual, is also an indication of pregnancy. 

The extra flow of blood happening in your body once you conceive makes your kidney to produce more urine than usual by atleast 25% more.

Also your uterus as it changes in size, it puts more pressure on your bladder, causing you to visit the toilet more often.

Due to an increase level of hormones, your sense of smell becomes very high.

In early periods of pregnancy, you may notice that you suddenly wish to eat foods you have not had in a long while. Or foods you would normally not go out of your way to have.

This is due to hormonal changes you are experience in your pregnancy.

You can also get repelled by some smell of food or even the sight. This is perfectly normal and your hormones are what is causing this.

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  • Chrystal

    I have a question: what if you ovulated (positive OPK and egg-white cm) then a week later you have egg-white cm again? Does that mean anything? I am 8dpo/cd 21. I have had cramps on and off and a few other symptoms. My period is 7 days away still. I am a fraternal twin. So, Im wondering if I can ovulate twice in one month?
    On TTC board its so confusing, some say yes, some say its a sign of pregnancy, otgers say its a sign that my period will start in one or two days… but I am way regular.
    Insight would be so helpful!

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