Secret Ways to Increase your Chances of Having Twins

Having twins is very desirable nowadays.  Twins are so cute.

More and More people are having more than one baby due to use of fertility drugs and maternal age.

So I am sure you are asking" How can I have twins too?"​

​what are MY odds of having Twins?

The odds of having twins has greatly increased than what it was in 1980's.

According to studies, in the 80's chances of getting pregnant  with twins was 1.5 in 100. But since 2004, 1 in every 34 babies are twins or multiples.

So what could be causing the increase in twins and multiple birth?

how can i INCREASE my  chances OF CONCEIVING TWINS?

Maternal Age: 

According to studies, Older women are more likely to give birth to twins.

This is funny right because you would think has a woman ages are ovarian reserve also decreases.

But fertility research as found as women enter the peri menopause stage,​ their ovaries tend to produce more than one egg at ovulation.

This is highly due to hormonal changes that comes with the getting older in women.​

According to researches done at Vrije University Medical Center, older women have high level of FSH hormone​

This is especially common in women over the age of 35 years.​

fertility drugs or treatments: 

Fertility drugs, pills such as Clomid, Femera, Gonadotropins play a huge role in why women undergoing fertility treatments have twins.

Because this fertility drugs help to deal with ovulation problems in women who are finding it difficult to conceive by stimulating the ovaries or trigger the reproductive hormones in the brain.​

having twins run in the family: 

Maternal family history of twins boost your chances of also falling pregnant with twins.

For example if your mom, aunty or grandmother is a twin, the genes to release more than one egg might have also be passed down to you.

Hyper ovulation( releasing multiple eggs at once) runs in the family.

Only the maternal family history matters as the ​paternal family history has no effect on whether you conceive twins or not. 


Central African women are more likely to have more than one baby.

Countries such as Nigeria, Togo and Benin has the highest Twinning rate.

And countries in Asia such as Japan has the lowest twinning rate.​

​Studies has shown this is largely due to their diet.

Tall or Heavier Women: 

This is coming from a researcher who majors in multiple births.

He found out that taller women are more likely to have twins because of their increased insulin-growth like factor.


Breastfeeding has so many benefits and one of them is in the conception of twins.

Women who get pregnant while still breastfeeding are 9 times more likely to conceive twins.​

According to research breastfeeding mom have the chance of producing more than one egg at ovulation.

This is  because their IGF level, remains high to ​keep the milk flowing.


  • Cassava Supplement:
  • There is a study that women who eat cassava or take cassava supplements are more likely to conceive twins.

    This is the reason why african women give birth to twins a lot.

    This brand of cassava supplement is popular and commonly recommended among women who are trying to conceive twins.​

  • Folic Acid:
  • Taking Folic acid is a MUST if you are trying to conceive. Women who conceive twins do swear that it helps as well.

    Nature's blend folic acid is widely used.The great thing is, the body gets rid of excess folic acid by urination.

  • Clomid/Gonadotropins:
  • Please note that fertility drugs cannot be purchased over the counter in some countries.

    A Doctor would only prescribe it to you if you need help ovulating.

    Whilst Clomid also known as Clomiphene can be purchased online or in some countries like Nigeria, Mexico, india.

    ​Gonadotropins are usually given as injections with a small needle by your doctor or during fertility treatments.

    Gonadotropins can be expensive and need to be administered by an experience fertility specialist.​

  • Fertility Monitor:
  • Digital Fertility Test Monitor helps you to know when ovulation is approaching.

    It does this by detecting the day you are most fertile including your ovulation day. So having one is very important because you only have 5 days to get pregnant in your cycle every month.

  • Make Changes your Diet:
  • Aim to include foods such as yam, cassava, sweet potatoes in your  diet. As it has been found that chemical in yam and cassava in particular causes superovulation.

what is the best position to make twins?

Sex positions only helps to increase your chances of getting pregnant in general.

Babies can be conceived using any sex positions.

But doctors usually recommend positions that allows the sperm to be deposited as close to the cervix as possible such as doggie style or deep missionary style.​

How do i conceive twins with fertility drugs?

You can talk to your doctor about it if you leave in a country where you can't get fertility drugs over the counter.

Or you could ask from your friends who have leftovers but please not it is advisable to seek medical help before taking prescribed fertility drugs​ from friends.

Is it Possible To have twins or triplets naturally?

Yes it is possible to have multiples without the use of fertility drugs.

Some women have genes that naturally make them to hyper ovulation which results to fraternal twins(non-identical twins).

And for some women one egg splits into two ​after fertilisation. The reason for this occurrence is still being studied.

Non-identical twins are formed when one egg divides into two and the babies conceived are always of the same sex.​

How do i conceive twins boys

To conceive twin boys, you definitely need an ovulation test kit as the conception of baby boys has to do with having sex on the day of ovulation according to Dr Shettles method.

Read More about How To Get Pregnant with Twin Boys Fast

what are the chances of having twins if it runs in the family

Fraternal Twins also known as non-identical is caused by a gene that runs in the family most times while identical twins doesn't run in the family.

Non identical twins gene is heredity from the mother's side and as got nothing to do with the father's side.​

You can still have twins even though it doesn't run in your family history.​

what are the chances of having twins after 30?

Women over the age of 35 have a higher odd of having twins that women in their early 30's.

Women in their early 30's stand a better chance than women in their 20's.

So basically the older you get the greater chances.​

what are the odds of having triplets?

It is possible to conceive triplets naturally. But fertility treatments plays a big role in multiple births.

early signs of having twins

The earliest signs of having a twin pregnancy include:

  • Severe Morning Sickness
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Excessive Weight Gain
  • Large uterus than normal​

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