IVF Gender Selection

IVF Gender Selection – The Beginner’s Guide

IVF Gender Selection is one of the artificial methods of choosing the gender of a Baby.

IVF Gender Selection is carried out through a procedure called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

This is one of the most successful Gender selection methods with 99% success rate.

Some couples who are due to undergo IVF have the opportunity to add a gender selection process at an extra cost in some countries such as USA, Cyprus, Greece.

Not all countries allow gender selection.

Couples can also decide to have an elective IVF without having any fertility problems for the main purpose of gender selection in some countries.

So how does IVF Gender selection work?

IVF Gender selection is an extra step added to the IVF Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis process.

Before the embryo is inserted into the mother, PGD is carried out on the cells of the embryo to check the DNA for high risk genetic or heredity disorder that the parents do not wish to pass on to the baby. 

IVF Gender Selection

 Preimplantation Genetic Disorder was originally intended to assist with IVF to identify and prevent genetic disorder in embryo before it is transferred into the Mother.

But PGD also provides an additional information on the sex of the embryo.

Step by Step process how IVF Gender Selection through PGD Procedure Works.

  • The Sperm and the best quality eggs are joined together outside the woman's body in a Laboratory to form embryo. 
  • The Embryo is properly monitored to make sure that the embryo has cells that are continuously dividing.
  • 3-4 days after after fertilisation, PGD procedure is carried out to primarily prevent genetic hereditary disorder to the baby. It is during this procedure that the Sex of the embryos are determined.

So For example, if a couple only wanted to conceive a boy. Only the Boy embryos would be transferred into the mother's uterus.

  • The desired gender is transferred into the mothers womb through the use of a thin tube called catheter. The Selected Embryo is passed into the vagina then through to the cervix up until it reaches the womb.

If the embryo successfully implants to the Uterus lining then pregnancy occurs.

More than one embryo may be transferred to increase chances of getting pregnant. IVF Gender Selection has a 99% Success rate.​

So what is the IVF Gender Selection Cost?

IVF Gender Selection Cost

IVF Gender selection Cost is an additional cost added to the cost of IVF itself.

The cost is usually an addition between $3000 to $8000 depending on which country you want to have it done in and what hospital.

 Request a quote directly from clinics that carry out IVF Gender selection and the clinic will discuss your individual requirement with you.

If you don't have fertility problems and are only concerned about gender selection, Try the natural gender selection method to conceive a boy or to conceive a girl.



PGD Sex selection has a high success rate of 99.9%.

PGD is the most accurate form of gender selection that can guarantee your  desired sex.

Unused Embryos can also be frozen to be used at a later date, if you decide to haver another baby!.

Because the embryos are frozen, the procedure would be less invasive and less painful.


The removal of eggs from the ovary can be painful. 

IVF with PGD can be expensive: PGD adds an additional cost of $3000 to $8000 to an IVF Treatment. 

IVF Treatment can be physically and emotionally stressful.

High chances of having multiple pregnancy is common in IVF Treatment.

But if  PGD  is carried out for sex selection purposes, only one embryo is transferred to the mother for implantation

IVF Gender Selection is becoming more and more popular. Let me know your feelings on Gender selection through IVF.

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