Missed Period not Pregnant

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test White Discharge

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is a missed period. But what happens when you get have a late period negative pregnancy test white discharge?

This can be frustrating especially if you are trying for a baby and this can make you impatient.

This could also make you scared if you are not try​ing for a baby but had unprotected sex with your partner.

I Missed My Period and I have a White Discharge

If you had unprotected sex and have no period just white discharge, you could be pregnant depending on how many days late your period is.

White discharge is usually common before ovulation due to the increase in estrogen levels but after ovulation progesterone hormone becomes the dominant hormone which prepares your uterus for pregnancy.

If no pregnancy occurs, the progesterone level decreases and the uterus lining is shed as your next period.

But if fertilisation occurs the estrogen and progesterone hormone level rises to support the pregnancy.

This rise in estrogen hormone causes the production of Thick white discharge or Milky white discharge as an early sign of pregnancy.

 Late Period cramps Negative Pregnancy Test White vaginal Discharge Causes

Aside from pregnancy, there are also some other reasons why you would experience no period and not pregnant. These are:


Your menstrual cycle can be affected by various factors and changes.

If you are trying to conceive you can be so anxious about it that it can lead to a missed or delayed period.

It is advisable that couples trying to conceive remain calm and relaxed.

​Excessive worrying can affect not only your reproductive system but also your digestive system causing diarrhea and cramps.


Studies has been published about the relationship between stress and periods.

A delayed or missed period can be due to stress and distruption to normal routine.

When we are under stress our body reacts in a different way and our hormones do not function properly.

Stress can take a toll on your reproductive hormones if not managed well.

Birth Control

It is possible for a woman to miss her period while on birth control. The reason behind this, is some birth control pills prevent ovulation.

In addition, consistently using birth control pills for a long period of time can reduce your period to 4 times a year.


Engaging in excessive exercise can cause missed or delayed period.

Exercise in moderation is ​great for staying fit and healthy. But when you start doing strenuous exercise that your body isn't used to, it disrupts your hormone levels.

Faulty Pregnancy Test

A faulty pregnancy test can be caused by a manufacturing defect in the pregnancy test.

This can give you a false result.

It is recommended you buy a quality pregnancy test from your drugstore.

missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test could I be Pregnant?

Yes you could be, Milky white discharge is common among women in the early days of pregnancy.

When you fall pregnant a lot of changes starts happening in your body. Some of the changes include the production of white discharge to tell you, you are pregnant.

A negative pregnancy test is possible while pregnant if your level of HCG hormone is not high enough for the home pregnancy test to detect.

This could mean you are testing too early and you need to wait a few more days or 1 more week.

Period late Negative Test When Should I Test Again?

The ideal time to test for pregnancy is 7 days past your period. If you are having other early pregnancy symptoms but a negative pregnancy test after 14 days past your period date.

You can go into the clinic to have a pregnancy blood ​test. This can easily detect more accurately if pregnancy exists or not.

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test Cramping

Cramping also occurs during implantation and as well as spotting.

Implantation Cramping and ​Spotting and milky white discharge are all signs of early pregnancy.

Learn more about Cramping no period​ here

milky white discharge negative pregnancy test

The vaginal discharge produced during the early pregnancy stages is mostly Thick white discharge or Milky white. You could also have a clear white discharge.

This types of discharge is different from the slippery one produced at ovulation to aid the sperm swim to the egg.​

Other Early Pregnancy Symptoms 

For some women, detecting pregnancy using early home pregnancy test kit might be challenging.

I will urge you to look out for other pregnancy symptoms such as:

Nausea, tiredness, Sore breast, implantation cramping, Spotting and bleeding.​

Swollen or Breast Tenderness

One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is tender breast. Even though most women mistake this for premenstrual syndrome. 

Breast tenderness starts around week 1 and 2 of pregnancy.​

Implantation Cramping and spotting

In fact the very first evidence that pregnancy has occurred is spotting.

Spotting and cramping happens around Day 6-7 after ovulation.

Although not every woman experience this cramps or spotting. Few women do experience ​both.

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Bloating occurs in early pregnancy because of the increased levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone. 

This can be mistaken for the premenstrual Syndrome but bloating in early pregnancy is caused by the increase in progesterone hormone ​that causes the uterus lining to thicken.


Some women experience diarrhea in early pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes which affects your digestive system. Although some women experience constipation instead. 

Tiredness and Fatigue

Due to lot of changes in your reproductive system and hormonal changes it is possible to start feeling tired or Fatigue as early as one week past conception.

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  • kim

    Im 2 weeks late & I just started having white discharge. Is this normal? I tested when I was 7 days late it was negative. can I still be pregnant

  • Swoosh86

    I had my last period in January (17th was the first day), missed last month’s, will be due another this Thursday… so I will be intrigued to see if I miss this one again, and still show up negative.
    I’m normally regular to the day, with a 28 day cycle.
    I have only missed periods when I’ve been pregnant (we have two children already).
    Me and my partner are trying for another baby, and only started trying in January.
    I have tested COUNTLESS times, had blood tests,tested at doctor’s and with nurses, and all have come up Negative. No HCG. ?(I’m being set for a scan very soon, so hopefully I shall have some answers very soon…)
    I’ve had pregnancy symptoms, but I’m being treated as if I’m crazy by doctors and nurses.
    I KNOW the signs, I just have this feeling I’m pregnant. ?
    I also have this thick, white discharge, cramping (the cramping has been on and off for the last 5 weeks), nausea, vomiting (have been sick 4 times only), loss of appetite and then ravenously hungry.
    I’m thoroughly baffled by it all… ?
    Has anyone else had a similar situation to me?!

    • Allie

      Swoosh86: I’m in the same exact boat down to the expected aunt flow.. anything new in your situation?

      • Swoosh86

        Sadly had a bleed on 24th March, which went on as a 5 day period (normal flow), but still went for a scan…
        Nothing there.
        Nothing wrong, either. No cysts (like suspected). Nothing.
        I just don’t understand. ?
        I’m always regular!
        We’re going to keep trying regardless. X

    • Kimberly

      I haven’t half a period in 5 months took a pregnancy test came back negative know I have a white discharge with no odor. Me and my boyfriend trying for another baby. Can somebody explain to me what’s going on

  • valerie

    i am delayed now for 6days and i already try to test f im pregnant with the pregnancy test but sad to know its negative…i can feel the cramps at my back waist line as of now and also experienced of white discharge…is it possible for to become pregnant wid this signs?

  • des

    I am late by 4 days period..got negative test…..but having white discharge and severe Back ache…..is there any chances of getting pregnant …

  • Lyn

    I’ m in the same boat! Feeling pregnant negative tests(tried different brands), blood test negative 10 days weird bleeding(brown/pink then dark red for 4 days). My breast are very tender, nausea is not as bad as it was, hot flashes, cramping, white discharge.Please come back to let us know if you found out you were pregnant! Don’ t understand what’s going on.

  • I missed my bc pill for 4 days in a row and had unprotected sex on that 4th night. I started taking my bc pills on that 5th day. I am now 3 days late and having extreme back aces, hot flashes, some nausea, and wgite discharge. I took a pregnancy test and came negative. My symptoms have not gone away. Is it possible i might be pregnant still? Do i need to take a test in another week if my period still is late?

  • Alana

    I have not had my period in 41 days. I was going away with my partner on the 14th and my period was due so I took my friends pill to stop it but only took the a couple of days and I got my period on the 18th of April and not had it since and I have had unprotected sex “help”

  • Vanesa

    My period is late by 12 days already and , I did the pregnancy test 2 times and it came negative, I’m having this white discharges but I still d ok Mr get my period. Need some answered

  • Theodora Jean-Pierre

    I have been experiencing white milky discharge, its very noticeable to tne point I will use a liner. Im three days late, when I finally tested in the morning I recieved a positive after 2 negatives.

  • Nono

    Hi. I have a regular cycle. My period comes between the 33rd to 35th day. Without fail and never later than the 35th day. First day of last period was 4 June. I am between 2 to 4 days late. I did the whole ovulation calculator thing and it said my fertile days were 24 to 27 June. Boyfriend and I had sex on 19 June. I had a lot of unusual bloating, flatulence and discharge around ovulation time. I say unusual because all these symptoms were about 4x more than what I’m used to during ovulation. Discharge was so thick as to be almost lumpy but no odour. My period is never late. Took 2 HPT, one yesterday and 1 this morning. Both negative. I’m worried I may be pregnant. Boyfriend and I are not in a good space. What are the chances I may be pregnant when I had sex about 5 days before projected fertile days? PLEASE HELP. PLEASE HELP.

  • sad

    It’s now the 29th day after we had sex. We did it on the 20th of june. Had 3 days of dark brown spotting before ovulation which is a week after we had sex, and now I’m 5 days late. Will I still get my period? Oh and there’s this one time that I also was late on my period which is 6 months ago but after some time, I got my period. I have a regular cycle tho. :/

  • Bobbie hooker

    I’m 2 days late on my period and I’m seeing white milky discharge took a pregnancy test one was positive with one faint line
    The other 2 later in the day was negative now it’s the second day my period hasn’t come my stomach bloated in I’m nausea in sleepy all the time any advice

    • Nono

      Bobbie Hooker, I hear it’s unlikely to get a false positive reading. False negative readings are however very common. Chances are, you’re pregnant. Go see a doctor to confirm it if you have doubts.

  • Fezekile

    hi am 14 days late with my periods no pregnancy signs except white discharge in the time of my periods around the 15th , I have taken two negative tests am trying to conceive , need urgent help

    • Nono

      Hi. Sounds like you could be pregnant and just have low HCG. You should totally see a doctor for a blood pregnancy test since it is more likely to detect pregnancy. Good luck!

  • Steph girl

    HI I’m in the same boat I was wondering if any of u were pregnant. ???

  • Jane

    Ahmm can I ask you what happen now? Is there any update? Please answer back please :(( i have the same issue

    • Jessica

      I’m still in a daze about my periods it’s almost two months now I haven’t got my periods I took tests they are all negative, could it be the birth control that is wearing off that is why is wonky?

  • Momto3

    Had anyone been pregnant but recieved a negative blood test?? Just curious. My mom got negative blood and urine tests pregnant with me until she was 6 months. Anyone else have negative blood test but was actually pregnant???

  • aiman

    If you are facing the situation of the missed periods, then your are going to conceive.Sometimes women face the missed periods because of the hormonal imbalance. But it is not a common symptom, because the signs are the different in the different ladies.

  • Kel

    Me and my gf had protected sex and it’s our firsttime and i did pull out method.. Now she’s 5days late on her period . Does losing your virginity delay your period?

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