Most Accurate Am I Pregnant Quiz

Looking for how to find out if your pregnant without a pregnancy test? You are in the right place. Take the most accurate pregnancy quiz on this site.


Online pregnancy quizzes are a set of questions designed to check if the symptoms and signs you are feeling are pregnancy related.

Online tests do not replace real pregnancy test (home pregnancy tests or pregnancy blood tests).

You can take this online quiz right now to determine you are pregnant or not. You don't have to get messy with urine based pregnancy tests.




Our online pregnancy test is very accurate and simple to take.

We still advise you take a home pregnancy test after missed period to help confirm your pregnancy.

When you start the quiz, you will be asked a few questions to help determine if you are pregnant or not.

Some websites use online pregnancy test scan. We do not know how accurate the scanners are.​

Pregnancy symptoms quiz - Am I PREGNANT

This pregnancy symptoms quiz will give you a result after the test to tell you if your nausea, cramps, mood swing and other signs you have are indeed pregnancy related.

If wondering and asking yourself "could I be Pregnant". Take our pregnancy symptom test quiz now to find out.

Some of the quiz questions are:

1. Is your period late

2. Are you feeling tired more than usual and so on.​

How to find out If you are pregnant without a Pregnancy test

There are various ways you can find out if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test or a pregnancy kit.

Collect Your Urine

  • Collect your first urine after waking up in a bottle or a container
  • Place in a safe place and leave untouched for 3-4 hours
  • If the urine has a white film form on it, chances are you may be pregnant
  • If the urine remains the same, then you are not pregnant.

2. Look out for early symptoms of pregnancy

  • Missed Period
  • Breast tendeness
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased Body Basal Temperature
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Nausea and vomitting
  • Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Food craving and aversion

When to take a pregnancy Test

According to NHS pregnancy test are more accurate and reliable from the first day of your missed period.

Pregnancy test have varying sensitivity. The package label on the test should tell you how sensitive the test is and when you should test for pregnancy.

It is mostly recommended to wait a week after your missed period to test for pregnancy.

This is because the pregnancy hormone called HCG detected by most early pregnancy test needs to be above 5mIU.

If you test too early you might get a negative test result, because the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone is not high enough.

Wait a few more days after your missed period to try again.

A positive pregnancy test result means you are pregnant. While a negative pregnancy test result means you need to try again if you feel you are pregnant.

Am I pregnant calculator

There is an Am I pregnant calculator, that calculates if your menstrual period is late or not.

​There is one available at: 

Thank you for taking our Am I pregnant quiz.

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