3 Best Sex Positions To Conceive A Baby Girl Naturally

"What is the best sex position to conceive a girl naturally?" is a question that we get asked all the time.

For Couples trying for a girl baby, I have good news for you.

I am glad to tell you that it is possible to influence the sex of you baby by:

  • Having sex  2-4 days before Ovulation
  • Changing your Diet
  • Adopting the appropriate sexual positions
  • and by applying other girl swaying tips

So in this article I am going to be showing you the best and most recommended positions to conceive a girl.

But please note that  your diet and timing of sex is also equally important. So don't ignore them.

​Best Sexual Positions To Conceive A Girl

To conceive a girl, it is recommended that you make use of a shallow penetration sex position. Avoid any form of deep penetration.

Why Shallow penetration you ask?

According to a leading scientist in the field of picking the gender of your baby naturally.

Dr Shettles ​discovered that the boy sperm (Y chromosome) swims faster but dies quicker and it has a weak nature.

While the girl sperm (X carrying chromosome) swims slower,lives longer and much strong, that it can survive in harsh environment.

Due to this Knowledge, the shettles method of conceiving a girl advices that the sperm should be deposited as far away from the cervix as possible.

This is to make sure that the male sperm have a difficult time reaching the egg or surviving the harsh conditions of the vagina.

​So what you are basically trying to achieve when you have a shallow penetration sex is to give the girl sperm a better chance of meeting the egg first.

So here are the most recommended positions that women swear by:

#1 Sex Position For a Girl: Missionary Position

The missionary position is said to be the best position for having a girl because of it's shallow penetration characteristics.

positions to conceive a girl

With this sex style, it is recommended that the sperm is deposited as far away from the cervix as possible.

This is to give the girl sperm a higher advantage of getting to the egg since it is stronger that the male sperm.

In addition, It is also recommended for the woman to avoid reaching an orgasm, in order to make the PH of the vagina and the cervical fluid less friendly to the boy sperm.

#2 Sex Position For a Girl: girl on top Position

Another position that allows for a shallow penetration is the woman on top position.

sex positions to have a baby girl

This positions allows for control on how deep or shallow you would want the man to go.

Remember in this case, we would want the man not to go deep.

If you are trying for a boy then the man can be allowed to be as deep as possible.

With that been said, it is important to have sex days before ovulation but within your fertile period to conceive a baby girl.

This would ensure that the male sperm is dead before the egg is released.

The male sperm only lives for 12-​24 hours after been released. 

While the girl sperm can survive for 3-5 days after been released.​

#3 Sex Position For a Girl: SPOONING Position

The spooning sex position is yet another position that allows for shallow penetration.

In this position the woman lies down on her side with her knees bent, while the man lies with his front pressed to her back.

Spooning position_girl

To conceive a girl, the man should take care not to penetrate fully. This is so important!.

And when he ejaculates, this should be done as far from the cervix as possible.

​How to increase your chances of conceiving a girl

Sex position is just on part of the equation.

There are other factors that you should take into account when trying to influence the gender of your baby.

Timing Ovulation

I would recommend you learn how to detect your fertile days before ovulation.

To conceive a girl you should aim to have sex up to 3-5 days before you ovulate.

Avoid sex at least 2 days to ovulation and the day after ovulation.

Avoid ORGASM during intercourse

I know this might be somewhat difficult, but you want to make sure you are not going to give power to the boy sperm by producing sperm friendly  cervical fluid.

Also the girl sperm can survive in an​ acidic environment, while the boy sperm have a difficult time doing so.

The more alkaline your vagina is the more power you are going to give to the boy sperm.

So to avoid doing so, you should try not to get too wet and avoid having an orgasm first.​

Change your diet

You also want to change your diet to favour a girl conception by consuming foods that have an acidic effect on the body.

This is to make the PH of your vagina acidic to favour a girl conception.​

Goodluck in swaying for your pink baby. 

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