Spotting and Period

Spotting After Periods: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments






Abnormal uterine bleeding








  • Molly

    Thanks so much for this article, this is very thorough and informative and instantly eased my worries!

  • Philippa Temile

    Thank u so much for this article it eased my worries and very educating

  • Ada

    Thank you so much, I feel better and relief. I know I am not pregnant, even though my husband and I are trying. Is it possible to be pregnant and not know, if so what will be the signs.

  • Maggie

    I’m 43 I had my period then next day started stopping and now I’m going on 8days of like spotting. I’m very scared this may be a serious issue.

  • Hi I have something to ask please. I been finished my period last 2 weeks ago. Then 2 days from now it’s start me to bleeding like the first is dark black the later on its continued bleeding with dark I’m worrying.please advice me.kind regards. …thank you

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