Clear Watery Discharge as an Early Sign of Pregnancy

Seeing a watery cervical mucus can be quite frightening, especially if you are trying to conceive.

A woman's vaginal discharge changes from time to time in her menstrual cycle. 

The changes in vaginal fluid is controlled by the rising and falling level of the estrogen hormone.​

Some women experience a watery discharge before ​period while some women have creamy discharge before period.

Women who have excessive watery discharge before period really have high levels of estrogen hormone than women who have sticky or creamy discharge. 

The absence of menstruation or a missed period is one of the best ways to determine if you need to take a pregnancy test.

causes of Watery Vaginal Discharge 


After conception, the level of the estrogen and progestrone hormone starts rising to support the new life. This rising level of estrogen causes blood to flow to the pelvic. Higher level of estrogen usually result in increase in vaginal fluid. 

The discharge gets a lot more in the second and third trimester than the first  trimester.  This is because of the ever increasing level of estrogen hormone throughout pregnancy.​

Towards the end of pregnancy the watery discharge may become yellow in colour. See your health care provider,If you notice lots of water, tricking or dripping out of your vagina in your last trimester.

This could be your water breaking.​


At ovulation the consistency of your cervical fluid is resembles egg white. This slippery and wet mucus provides a friendly environment for the sperm to survive in while it journeys upward to reach the egg.

Some women don't have enough slippery or wet cervical mucus at ovulation. Not having enough cervical mucus, makes it possible for the sperm to be easily damaged.

Increased Level of estrogen Hormone

A watery discharge could happen before or during periods, before ovulation of after ovulation.

Women with estrogen dominance experience excessive watery discharge as an early sign of pregnancy.

This watery discharge could be milky or clear. A thin milky discharge before a missed period is known as leukorrhea. ​

​Other signs of Pregnancy before a missed period

Breast soreness/Tenderness

one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a sore breast with a tingling sensation. An increasing level of estrogen also causes the breast to appear fuller. A sore breast may start about a week to when your period is expected.

By the time you get to the second trimester, your breast may stop feeling sore. This is because your hormones are more balanced than in the first trimester.

Implantation Cramping

Lower abdominal cramps is also one of the early pregnancy symptoms.

Cramping happens around the time of implantation. During implantation the fertilised egg attaches it self to the walls of your womb. This is a safe and secure home it will leave in for the next 36 weeks.

Not all women have cramps as an early sign of pregnancy. So don't fret if you don't notice this or you have a slight pain instead.​

Implantation spotting

Spotting or bleeding may also occur during implantation. One of the ways to know if you are pregnant is if you have a light pink or reddish discharge about a week to when your period is due,

This discharge is is different from your normal period because it usually last for a day or two. It is lighter than your normal period. 


When you fall pregnant, your body starts to pump more blood than usual. Women who suffer iron deficiency anaemia, may feel more fatigue and tired.

Also increasing level of progesterone hormone, is also a culprit of the tiredness you feel in first trimester.

Some women may feel tired through out pregnancy. But most women feel tired in first and last trimester.​


Nauseated feeling is also a symptom you may experience if pregnant.

Although the cause of nausea and vomiting is not really known. But research suggest that nausea and vomiting may be linked hormonal changes that happen rapidly in the first trimester.


  • Marybel

    Have egg white discharge and now 2 days missed period. Im i pregnant.

  • Yana

    I have experienced brown coloured bleeding for 2 days which was very mild barely staining my underwear a whole week before due to get my period. This is not usual as i am usually one week and a half late on periods. Also after the brown bleeding stopped i have been feeling a very WATERY liquid coming out of my vagina twice a day, same feeling as when you feel period blood coming out. I always think it is blood but i have no staining it is a clear liquid. Any ideas on what this could be please?

  • I am 24 and i am sexually active and i have been having clear watery discharge for three of those 5 weeks, i was just wondering if i should go to the doctors or not. I had regular period for over three months since I have been off the depo shot, which i have been off of for 8 months now and then it went to 13 days long. I haven’t had any bleeding of any kind for about 5 weeks now. Then my grandma told me something that shocked me is that she was pregnant for six months and still had her period so i wouldn’t know if it would happen to me in the same way because it happened with my mom too.

  • Hope

    Okay guys so I was supposed to start on the December 4-5 well it’s the 15th an all I have to show is exesive watery clear discharge slightly sore breast an bloating ( running back an forth because of how much discharge I have to make sure it’s not blood an it’s never blood I’m 15 days late an that’s all I have to show an my husband an I don’t use protection!! Please help

  • Ammu

    My last periods was April 6th.we had sex on April 10th and April cycle is regular.My periods due is May 6th.Now it’s 5 days getting white discharge for 7 days till now,and also knee and wrist joint pain .unusual gas peeping..I tested today it came out negative.will I be pregnant?

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