watery white discharge

Watery White Discharge: Types, Causes and Treatments

Vaginal Discharge is a regular and normal occurrence for women.

It helps ​wash away bacteria and dead cells from the vagina.

There are various types of discharges some are : white discharge, milky discharge, creamy discharge, watery discharge, sticky discharge, slippery discharge and so on.

​A woman's discharge is highly influenced by what is happening in her reproductive system.

Let's discuss the  different types of Watery Discharges a woman can have and why :

White Watery Discharge in Early Pregnancy

White discharge is one of the early symptoms of pregnancies. 

When you get pregnant the level of your estrogen and ​progestrone hormone rises to prepare your body for pregnancy.

This increased level of estrogen hormones causes you to produce a white discharge.​

This discharge could be Milky white or creamy white.

The medical term given to the increase​ in vaginal discharge in early pregnancy is called leukorrhea.

Leukorrhea is ​usually milky and has a mild smell.

White Watery Discharge No odor

A white milky discharge with no odor or itching, causes for no alarm.

It is normal for a woman to have vaginal discharge. Remember vaginal discharge helps keeps your vaginal health.

If your vaginal discharge is clumpy white discharge with no odor but you are itching and you have a burning vulva then you may have yeast infection also known as thrush.

milky White Watery Discharge Before Period

Having a discharge before period is a common premenstrual syndrome women experience.

The discharge is due to hormonal fluctuations.

The estrogen and progesterone hormones are responsible for the type of discharge produced in every stage of a monthly menstrual cycle.

As long as the discharge is not itchy or has a funny smell or color, it is normal for the vagina to produce this secretions to aid the female reproductive system.

Sometimes,some women experience late period negative pregnancy test with white discharge.

Instead of their period they get a white discharge which could mean they are pregnant​

White Watery Discharge After Period

Usually, the fews days after your period is known as the dry days. Then after these dry days which last for 3-5 days comes the thick and sticky days.

Then during your fertile days you have the slippery egg white cervical mucus.

The vaginal secretion produced during your fertile days is to aid the sperm in swimming to the egg.

The slippery vaginal secretion present around ovulation is required to produces a sperm friendly environment for the sperm.

Not producing sperm friendly cervical mucus could cause infertility.

Watery White Discharge With Odor

A discharge is abnormal, when it has a smell, itchy, color or causes any form of burning sensation or pain.

 These are symptoms of vaginal infections or sexually transmitted diseases.

Vaginal discharge with fish smell is bacteria vaginosis. This discharge is usually thin and watery.

Bacteria Vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the natural bacteria in the vagina.

The normal PH of a healthy vagina should be acidic, and contain bacteria called lactobacilli.

This acidic nature of the vagina prevents other types of bacterias from being able to survive in the vagina.

An insufficient or reduced number of lactobacilli in the vagina gives room for these other types of unhealthy bacteria to grow.

These other bacteria causes the fishy smell and makes the vaginal unhealthy.

Bacteria Vaginosis is usually treated with prescribed antibiotics tablets or gels that can be inserted into the vagina.

If your vaginal discharge has a smell then see your doctor immediately to be properly diagnosed through test.​

But If the discharge is thick clumpy white with no odor, but it's itchy and causes burning sensation around your vulva then it is yeast infection​.

Watery White discharge during pregnancy

Milky White Discharge

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Watery milky Discharge during pregnancy is perfectly normal and due to various reasons depending on what stage of pregnancy you are.

In early pregnancy the watery white discharge ​produced is known as leukoherra.

It is perfectly normal to produce more watery discharge as the pregnancy progresses.

This watery white discharge during pregnancy is due to ​the cervix producing more secretions to keep the vaginal safe and away form infections that could harm the mother and the baby.

If the discharge is itchy,smelly or causes discomfort, then see your doctor of midwife immediately avoid taking over the counter medications when pregnant.​

In addition,in the last few week of pregnancy, it is possible to see a thick mucus plug with a little blood. 

This is your body preparing to birth your baby and an indication that labour will start in a few days or even hours.​

Watery white Discharge After Ovulation

Discharge after ovulation is normal in most cases. The discharge after ovulation is usually sticky or cloudy in nature.

If you have a brown discharge during ovulation it could be the left over of the blood or even implantation happening if you had unprotected sex during your fertile days.

Seek medical help if the discharge causes any form of discomfort.

In most cases watery white vaginal discharge is normal to keep the vaginal healthy.


  • Phumla

    Hy cn u plz help me out last month while expecting my period i had a thick brown blood which looks so old for to days and it goes away. The following month i experience tender breast n everything smells like chicken feathers just hate the smell and then Im now having watery discharge which is accompanied by white milky discharge sometimes. What can that mean? Still expecting my period in a week to come. Help

  • Alexia

    Go to your doctor. He’ll tell you what is the cause and what to do.

  • Nikki

    Its implantation bleeding

  • lola

    good day i ovulated on the 24th of july, had unprotected sex, i have an 31 day cycle most of the time and pcos, now i have a white watery discharge, feeling emotional and cramping, can i be pregnant or is my period just starting?

  • Sandie

    Hello , please I’m having this discharge and itching for a week now, it’s off and on. Sometimes creamy , sometimes looks white and sometimes a bit of yellow and it’s itchy. Please can you help me?

  • Jayjay

    Please advice, two months back my period date changed,last month it remained the new date and in this two months there were no premenstrual signs that I used to have and in this new month am experiencing tenderness on my breast and a white -ish odourless discharge please what could this mean.

  • Lisha

    Hii ,please advice I ovulated on 25 Nov 2017 after ovulation I get creamy white discharge today I was expecting by period but I get watery like discharge why this was happening

  • Daphne A Fowler

    Pretty sure I ovulated 2 almost 3 days ago now, had unprotected 2 days before my Ovulation date and now I’m having lots of watery white cm, seems like my cervix is firm and open. Could this be pregnancy or period? Also had really sore veiny boobs and siatica in my right leg today which I’ve never had before. My cycle is 21 days with 3 to 5 day periods.

  • Karleen

    Sounds like your pregnant

  • Claudia

    Ok so i had unprotected sex with my bf on Saturday the 12th and recently i was checking my vagina and bright white watery discharge keeps apearing (not stretchable) and its odorless , idk if its normal but im concerned that it can be a yeast infection?? Plz help . Im freaking out here and sometimes i would have light cramps ….

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