White Discharge During Sex

What is that creamy white stuff?

A creamy discharge during intercourse is normal. It is due to your uterus contracting during orgasm. During intercourse your body expels cervical mucus out through the vagina.

Most especially after ovulation, you are most likely to see this discharge. After ovulation the level of progesterone hormone increases. This hormones triggers a creamy discharge to prevent the sperm from travelling up the cervix since you are in you non- fertile phase.​

It is normal for every woman to have vaginal discharge. This discharge can come at certain times depending on where they are in there menstrual cycle.

What is Arousal Fluid?

Arousal fluid also known as female lubrication is very similar to the fertile, wet and slippery egg white cervical mucous produced at ovulation. Arousal fluid drys up quickly after intercourse unlike fertile cervical mucus which may still be present for 1-3 days in your fertile window.

Difference between discharge and being wet

Being wet is usually a clear or transparent water-like fluid that happens when a females is aroused or turned on sexually. While a discharge happens throughout the menstrual cycle depending on what stage of the cycle you are in.

A discharge is usually thick white after period, creamy or milky after ovulation. slippery and stretchy during ovulation.​

Sample female Discharge Pictures

Here are sample pictures of different types of vaginal discharge:


What is the White Discharge during Ovulation

The white discharge during ovulation is known as the egg white cervical mucus. It is a watery wet, slippery and stretchy discharge. It's function is to provide a conducive environment for the sperm while travelling up the cervix to meet the egg.

Normally the vagina is a hostile and harsh environment for the sperm to survive in. This slippery discharge makes the vagina alkaline and sperm friendly. 

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